We are 1 week from traveling to St. Vincent and the Grenadines for our bareboat charter and ASA classes. We will be spending one week living aboard a monohull learning to sail in the ocean and seeing what our lives could look like as live aboard sailors, cruisers.

Something a year ago i would have laughed at is this much closer to becoming a reality. These last two weeks, I have been preparing by watching Jasons sailing class videos with my wife, and reading what to expect. I am as giddy as ever thinking about what it will feel like just stepping on a boat attached to the ocean! This adventure will solidify me as a sailor in my mind. Im worried that I wont know how to act while approaching the boat even. This moment could  mark the biggest change in my life. Jess and I have been known to just pick up and change course but this is beyond what I could imagine in the past. With my brothers crazy idea of adventure and my wife’s want for travel this is set to be the most amazing experience of my life, and for my children’s lives.

If you have ever sailed before than you know how freeing it can feel. Just being powered by wind and tied down by nothing. Just you and the wind God sent your way. I cant even imagine what it will feel like on a boat pushed around by wind and lifted up and down by waves. The unknown excites me more than I ever thought it could.  BUT…. If you have not experienced sailing, then get ahold of us when the docks open and climb aboard because its addicting. just make sure to do it before we sell the boat, the house, and everything we own and head on our ocean journey, cause island plane tickets become very costly.

Stay tuned every Friday for a new video. Our next video we prepare our boat for night sailing. These videos currently are all the preparation we have done before the trip we leave on next week. “learning the ropes” if you will…. I guess i should rephrase that to “learning the lines” only rope on a boat that i can think of is a bolt rope.



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