First night sail on Hermanos

My very first time sailing was at night. Bill and I met at Chatfield Lake after work in October of 2016. I have very fond memories of that evening. We had the entire lake to ourselves. We had inconsistent wind, but when it was blowing, we got the boat heeled over to the point water was pouring into the boat.  Eventually the wind died and we just relaxed on the lake, listened to music, and waited for the wind to return.  It was the perfect introduction to sailing for me.  Excitement, calm, music, friends.  Because of this experience I was eager to share with my family.

Getting ready for our first night sail

When we bought Hermanos, nothing really worked on the boat but it floated. In order to enjoy a night sail without the pressure of getting back before it got dark, we needed to get the lights working. We ended up replacing every wire and connection on the boat except the actual lights. Replacing this wire though really opened up opportunities to sail because we weren’t restricted to just the weekends. It enabled us to go during the week or even late on the weekend.

It was so fun to share night sailing with my family. I made sure we had good beverages for their first night sail. It is so enjoyable sharing something I love with the people I love. Watching the kids help prepare the boat and do sailing things was pretty neat.  I’m really looking forward to watching them know how to handle a sailboat on the ocean.

Me and the girls on our first night sail


Unfortunately, we aren’t really set up to take decent night photography. These are the best photos we have.


We don’t have enough room in the boat for all 11 of us to sail, so we have to take turns. Half of us wait and play on the beach while the other half sails.

Kate and Kelly watching the second night sail

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